The Head of Faith Lutheran Church
Christ Jesus, Our Savior

The Priesthood of Believers
The Baptized members of Faith

The Pastoral Ministry
Pastor - Rev. Wm. Daniel O'Connor

The Church Staff
Administrative Asst:  Ms. Mary Jo McConnell
Organist:  Richard E. Thompson
Asst. Organists:  David Temme, Elise Temme, Chris Wilson
Choir Director:  Chris Wilson
Choir Accompanist:  (vacant)
Handbell Choir Director:  Karen Fuller

The Teaching Staff
Preschool Director:  Rebecca Shanton
Preschool Teachers:  Denise, Erdmann, Rene' Guy
Preschool Assisant:  Carla Richardson

Sunday School Director:  Rebecca Shanton
3, 4 year olds & Kindergarten:  Mary Lou Wagner
Grades 1-4:  Rebecca Shanton, Elise Temme
Grades 5 -12:  Matthew Surburg
Music:  Chris Wilson
Opening:  Kelly O'Connor  

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