Faith begins "Our congregation in prayer" program

The information on the OUR CONGREGATION IN PRAYER insert will consist of a format for daily prayer, as well as a reading from the Catechism (which will correspond to what the children are learning in midweek), a weekly list of Daily Bible Readings (which is the same list provided in the bulletin and is based on the same Lectionary used by Luther), the Collect of the Day (which is prayed every Sunday and can also be prayed eve-ry day of the week), and also the list of prayer requests that are included in each week’s Focus On Faith. 
In so doing, a few things will happen:
  • We’ll come together in prayer, growing together throughout the week in God’s Word.
  • We’ll be together in that Word, even when we’re not, because we’ll be using a common format for prayer.
  • Our daily prayer time in the Word will be anchored to Sunday’s Divine Service, with each week flowing out of one Sunday and into the next. This will lend a consistency and cohesiveness to our life as a congregation, allowing the gifts of our Lord’s Word & Sacraments to grow up in us as we walk together in prayer throughout every week, and year.

It is hoped that you will use this format as much as you can throughout the week. 

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