Changes at Faith
Faith has returned to one service.  The service will begin at its normal time of 9:15 am. We ask you to observe
social distancing.  Face masks are certainly appropriate and are available if needed.  
Faith's Facebook page will have live streaming of our service.
Additional updated information and home worship information is being provided on our home page in the news section.



The Head of Faith Lutheran Church
Christ Jesus, Our Savior

The Priesthood of Believers
The Baptized members of Faith

The Pastoral Ministry
Pastor - Rev. Wm. Daniel O'Connor

The Church Staff
Administrative Asst:  Mrs. Gloria J. Mathews
Organist:  Richard E. Thompson
Asst. Organists:  David Temme, Elise Temme, Chris Wilson
Choir Director:  Chris Wilson
Choir Accompanist:  (vacant)
Handbell Choir Director:  Brenda Dillman

The Teaching Staff
Preschool Director:  Rebecca Shanton
Preschool Teachers:  Rene' Guy, Cinda Rumler
Preschool Assisants:  Lara Buechler, Carla Richardson

Sunday School Director:  Rebecca Shanton
Preschool:  Rebecca Shanton
Grades K-3:  Amanda Houser
Grades 4-5:  Jeff Dickmander
Grades 6-12:  Matthew Surburg
Music:  Chris Wilson

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